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13 May 2014 @ 12:06 pm
Hey guys! Aw jeez I never post here anymore, sorry!! ;n; I still love you all and check my flist several times a day!

I was wondering if any of you have spare Club Nintendo codes you aren't using? I'm pretty close to getting platinum again this year, I think just two or three more codes would do it *u*  Pretty sure Wii and DS codes still work along with 3DS and WiiU. Let me know if you have any you don't want! I can draw you a pony or something in exchange haha!

In less boring news, we finally got a cat tree a few weeks ago!

They looove it. Aaa Max and Zeke's birthday is later this month - can't believe they're already four years old ;o; My babies grew up! Time flies!

a blob of zeke
25 October 2013 @ 11:13 pm
Hey pals! Usually I'm not big on swapping friend codes, but friend safari is so fun - add me!! 5284 - 1444 - 1493, trainer and mii names are Rebecca C:

Don't tell me what friend safari type/safari pokemon you have, that's half the fun of it! *u* I also have about sixty thousand Vulpixes (I think most are modest with either ability, male and female) since I'm trying to masuda a shiny, so if you want one and see me online, just send a trade request and I'll throw one at you!

Let's talk about how great Noivern is. Noivern is so great. Pretty sure he has a tomy figure on the way but I'm hoping for a plush or several *o*

Aaahaha I remember thinking "what if..... what if they make a really cool bat pokemon......." the night before Noivern was revealed, but then went "pshhh nah, already got Woobat/Swoobat last gen, they won't make another." Then before the games were out I was thinking oh my gosh what if Noivern has an adorable baby version WHAT IF.... but nahhh he looks like a one-stage no-baby no-evolution pokemon. Oh well cool enough.

I tried to avoid the leaks and didn't know about Noibat before starting the game up, and I made sounds only dogs could hear when I saw the Noibat balloon in super training. darling perfect baby ahhh

Beat the E4 a couple days ago and haven't done much else other than friend safari because I never really know where to start for aftergame stuff xD Without spoiling anything, can anyone throw a hint or two at me about where I should be headed? Already did some battles on Friend Safari Island and fought rival, and I think that had something to do with it..
23 September 2013 @ 05:27 pm

so u herd i like bats!! (click for big!)

Aaaa I love my bats *u* Need more! There are so many cute bat plush anymore aaa. That scruffy middle Batty is The Original - got him at a flea market when I was.. seven, eight maybe? I wore him on my wrist (velcro wings!) through a big chunk of third grade xD When we were learning about mammals or nocturnal things or something and the classroom was decorated for it, my teacher even hung the paper bat cutout over my desk, haha.

The Skelanimals guys are new!

Oh my gooosh this guy is literally perfect. I adore the color orange, I adore bats, I adore toys, and skeletons rule. Perfect!! The little keychain is fantastic too - he has his little wings tucked in, aww *u* Thanks so much shadoweon for trading with me! :D I feel like I got the better end of the deal here so if you see anything in my sales in the future, I'll give you a discount haha! Or I could draw you something I dunno but ahh I love this guy, thank you!

Bonus picture: Link the Legend Tamer

Also Wooper.
21 September 2013 @ 02:29 am

ahahah well THAT sure escalated! Earlier when the front plastic piece snapped, the entire left half of the screen was just kind of hanging there.. I went HAHA OOPS. WELP. and shut it, and when I opened it again the silver piece got wedged in there and that's holding the screen up for now :'D Guess I'll stick a couple more things on eBay tomorrow so I can grab a replacement lid. I realized the cheaper orange one was a refurb, which is probably fine but I'm super paranoid about this awful hinge issue now, ahaha. Only new for me!

Don't suppose anyone here is on the market for an Eevee head pillow, Mewtwo kyun chara figure, or Glaceon DX plush? xP Also have little rare Ace Attorney pins, ooh.

SPEAKING OF ACE ATTORNEY how bout that aa5 release date aw yeahhhh augh i have too many games to play. I have too many games to BUY. /shakes fist!
14 September 2013 @ 03:53 pm
Aaaa got my turrets finally!! I got free economy shipping from thinkgeek so I figured they'd be here late next week.. NOPE I guess they have a fulfillment center an hour away or they outsourced my order there or something because I ordered Wednesday night and they're here today!

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I always forget how many portal dudes I have in my flist, but if you know a crazy portal collector dude feel free to send them my way haha. I have all of these ones for sale!

$6 closed tiger, closed lemon
$7 closed sunset, brick, bee, globe, plaid
$9 open basic turret

Hold/Sold: 1 closed tiger, open tiger, 1 closed sunset, open sunset, open lemon
tentative hold, so let me know if you'd be interested: 1 closed sunset
11 September 2013 @ 11:03 pm
Aaaa finally getting my little series 2 turret figures! *u* The site I ordered from originally said they'd release on the 30th of August, but hadn't shown up by the 5th of this month when I asked customer service about it. I went 'eh oh well, I'll wait' but then saw that ThinkGeek had a buy one get one half off sale going.. I knew they had the turret figures too but I thought they were only sold one at a time and not in display cases like I'd wanted. But aha! They had the option of buying one, four, or.. 24 haha. I picked six sets of 4 because it ended up a few dollars cheaper than the 24 set with the sale, plus free shipping B) I got a refund from the other site but since I ordered back in June, it was past the 45 day mark and they couldn't just refund, so I ended up losing $3 to Paypal fees when I got the money back as a normal payment.  Ah well! It would have been a good deal at the time if the things had come out in June like they were supposed to :P

Excited to get these dumb things finally and crack them open *u* More importantly, excited to sell them and have money again asdfsd. UGHHH speaking of money, my computer's falling apart -

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03 September 2013 @ 01:03 am
Wooo fun day! Mom's home on vacation this week and she wanted to paint the living room while she was off - one of her coworkers suggested painting three walls white and one wall COLOR to shake things up a bit. She was telling me about it and said "so white on these three, then an orange, maybe, on this one." and my face was this bizarre combination of disbelief, confusion, and surprise. You should probably know that orange is my favorite color (and I get really obnoxious about it, dang orange is so pretty) so.. painting one wall of the room orange??? ummm YES

I figured she'd pick a plain pale gross salmony pink not even orange shade of orange, but hey! We needed something new in the living room, and the white walls really needed repainted, so!

then we get to walmart and she picks out the orangest orange and im like omg its really happening
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13 August 2013 @ 08:20 pm
a brief summary of me this afternoon




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08 July 2013 @ 07:49 pm
Oooh Dragons TV show toys are finally happening apparently! And they are the Cutest Things.

SO UPSETTINGLY CUTE. Photos shamelessly stolen from people on eBay. I guess these just came out this month but I don't trust my Walmart to get things in a timely basis ever. Would anyone who regularly hits up their local Toys R Us or Walmart want to grab those two for me? *u* I thiiink they're like $8ish, so if you think you could do it for around $20 shipped, that would be super duper! Would love to pay you in cash or pokemon toys or art or any combination of the above listed.

Kinda disappointed that the bigger version of the Deadly Nadder doesn't look as cool as the original movie one, but oh well! Worth it for these little guys ;o;
20 June 2013 @ 11:31 pm
Hey friends list what's up! My entire life is Animal Crossing omg. So good..! Perpetually waiting for toys in the mail aaa. I ended up getting two boxes of series2 blindbox turrets, and THEY'RE AVAILABLE on Valve's official store, but still 'preorder ships June' on Toywiz, aaand no release date at all on the site I got them from XD Aaa. Hopefully this means they'll start shipping to other stores soon and my site will get them! I hate having money tied up in things that I'm not completely sure will be fulfilled ;o; They have a preorder fulfillment guarantee, but.. hmm. They've been nice so far! Fingers crossed I guess ahah.

I won a toy lot the other week and got these things in it -

Any idea who that middle guy is? Looks like he has glasses, blue hair, cat ears, and a tail. Tumblr figured out that the symbol is from Fairy Tail (anyone want it? just pay shipping!) and the anime girl is some mysterious probably bootleg recolor. I don't anime enough to know any of these on my own, haha.

Another thing I got recently - look at this baby!! *u* He is a) a bat b) orange and c) a toy. A perfect combination of my interests!! He's so super cute gosh. Painted bats rule.

Aaand some arts! Animal Crossing what have you done to me.

also i fixed some of the worst gen6 designs.